Make beautiful things.

To some, vinyl and merch are commodities to be bought from a websiteFor innovators with global ambition, it’s a more in-depth and collaborative process. Assign a chief collaborator to your projects and harmonize artists, visual directors, designers, management, labels, distributors and others. Produce memorable and high-quality works of art, on time and on budget. 

It takes a team to build a worldwide merchandise business. Our clients empower us to take responsibility and solve logistics matters, and to manage relationships in manufacturing, transportation, border crossing, and fulfillment. 

Our clients have asked us to overnight to Latvia, to palletize and ship to all Urban Outfitter locations in a single weekend, to charter a helicopter and bring vinyl to a festival deep in the BC Interior, to sneak into clubsto bribe couriers, threaten suppliers, pull all-nighters  they ask, we deliver. 

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